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She was of divine race, not of men, in the fore part a lion, in the hinder a serpent, and in the middle a goat, breathing forth in terrible manner the force of blazing fire. And Bellerophon slew her, trusting the signs of the gods. – Homer, Iliad

Chimaerian Tapestry, 2007, Jenny Pickett & Sunshine Frère, black fabric, patterned fabrics and wallpaper, thread & latex

A brilliant mythological beast the Chimaera was a most cruel and evil force feared by all who crossed her path. Her lineage was that of equally frightening parents, Typhon the hundred-headed snake entity and Echidne a human-snake-goddess. The Chimaera tormented the people of Lycia regularly, stealing babies and breathing fire all over the land. The beast was eventually slain by Corinthian Hero Bellerophone. The myth of the Chimaera is one of the most ancient stories of occidental mythology, its meaning and significance remains to this day somewhat elusive.

In the turbulent torrent of autumnal gales of 2007, a gigantic, new & troublesome Chimaerian Tapestry was created at the ECP Research Lab in Raymont Halls. Due to its tormenting evil nature, it was subsequently destroyed – chopped into 77 bits.  In an effort to comprehend the significance of its existence it shall be resurrected as a contemporary myth. Acting as a visual and structural leitmotif, within the Second initialization of the Exquisite Corpse Program (ECP), the mythological Chimaera constitutes a unifying force of sonic meta-configuration.

Technologically updated and interactive circuit-bits of the former Chimaerian Tapestry have been initiated for deployment during PHASE 1 and 2 of the updated Exquisite Corpse Program. Each bit of the freshly resurrected Chimaera contains the potential to tell its own story.

Just as mythologies transform or shift over-time, each generation of ECP participants forms a new section of the contemporary myth based on what they hear and hold dear from their last point of reference. In an endeavor to liberate these new myths, the initiators and users of the ECP at ECOS, PIXEL and around the world, will be asked to contribute ten seconds of this new story and then, to PASS IT ON…. PHASE I & II


Chimaerian Bytes (assembled before Phase I distribution in Nantes), 2007,  Jenny Pickett & Sunshine Frère  – black fabric, patterned fabrics, wallpaper, thread & latex, & miniature electronic sound samplers

Each of the 77 cut up Chimaerian Bytes created thanks to the destruction of the Chimaerian Tapestry were given new life within the second phase of the Exquisite Corpse Program:  a sequence of distribution events initiated by Pickett & Frere during Ecos Festival France and Piksel Festival Norway.

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