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DSG – Dirty Square Gallery

The Dirty Square Gallery was a year long interactive exhibition platform produced by Holly Stevenson & Sunshine Frère who were, at that time collaborating under the created fictional persona Stella Koons-Manet. The DSG promoted the work of artists who actively engaged with critical theory and showing at the DSG demanded an interest in producing site specific work as the gallery was based outside on Rivington Street. Stella Koons-Manet WAS the director of the DSG from November 2009 – December 2010.  The project culminated in a staged seizure of the gallery, and a final relocated exhibition titled parallax held at the Woodmill exhibition & project space in Bermondsey.

Artists who exhibited with the DSG project were: Joe Stevens, Nicko Straniero, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Trevor Kiernander, Jenny Pickett, Charlotte Patton, Eilidh Short, and Leo Koivistoinen. Below are photos of exhibition year.

















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