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ECP – Exquisite Corpse Programme

To engage fully with the Exquisite Corpse Programme, click on either PHASE I or II links below. Wait patiently (it takes a short while to load), then enjoy playing with the stochastic storytelling sampler.


Frere-Pickett created the Exquisite Corpse Program (ECP) – PHASE I & II as a way to enable stochastic story telling: a digitized adaptation attempt at preserving aural historical narratives by employing Chimaerian Sampler Bits to record and relay information.  it was birthed out of the resurrection and destruction of a new rendering of an ancient mythological Beast called Chimaera (created in 2007).  The program was physically disseminated via two media festival interventions in 2007 (Ecos Festival, Nantes, France, and Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway). This program was also an updated (web – 2.0) adaptation of Pickett-Frere’s first implemented program, Putting It Out There

The ECP  explored the differences between oral storytelling, written narratives and object desire and transference in the 21st century. Each disseminated Chimaerian bit contained embedded interactive circuitry that could record and playback a short sample of sound.   The history of the tapestry’s travels could be recorded, albeit temporarily: for with every new recording, an erasure of the previous one would occur. The only way to fully preserve it’s aural history was to have a sonic bank where one could leave the sound before recording over it.  The artists Exquisite Corpse Program website acted as a space where the oral musings of each bit’s narrative could be recorded, and played altogether. Not only could all the sounds from each bit be heard in one timeline, but the multiple sounds of all of the other bits and their respective stories can be accessed in stochastic time: simultaneously. 

To hear the Chimaerian Bit stories, click on the PHASE I & II links above. Wait patiently (it takes a short while to load), then enjoy playing with the storytelling sampler.


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