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The programmable system for creating evolutionary artefacts begins and ends with the function of desire. – Jenny Pickett (ECP)

       Hacked Virtureal Entity

Flatulina (left) & Spidi-Techno (right), two hacked virtureal entities from the Putting it Out There intervention series at DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival), Rotterdam, 2007 – Frere-Pickett

Putting It Out There, was an experimental work integrating the concepts of tactical media, hacking and desire. This included the dissemination of unique hand-made electronic artefacts, each unit containing a distinct personality and presence in both the virtual (online) and real world spaces. Freely given to potential hackers these objects play(ed) with the user’s desire to maintain or re-appropriate the object and further its development or demise as an “open source” artefact.

Putting It Out There as an ‘open’ system designed for the purpose of repeatedly ‘hacking’ cultural artefacts, required an equally ‘open’ system for communication that would allow both, the feedback from or the monitoring of the released entities in addition to the formulating wider discourses arising from the fictitious character’s aesthetics and ‘personalities’. Each of these Virtureal identities existed in physical and virtual space. They were objects of desire, as well as philosophies of desire offered up using the Myspace networking platform. 


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