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Stella Koons-Manet is a fictional persona invented and vicariously animated by Sunshine Frère & Holly Stevenson. Koons-Manet was invented in 2009 as the gallery owner of the DSG (Dirty Square Gallery) she put on a series of exhibitions, and continues to be used as a medium through wich Sunshine spies on the artworld via online networking platforms. Stella is an active member of the Facebook community and has accrued nearly 5,000 “friends”. Below is Koons-Manet’s current collaborative biography entry as well as links to the gallery that she (Holly & Sunshine) used to manage.



Stella Koons-Manet is a gallerist, curator and writer currently living in Vancouver and London.  She obtained a BFA from Central St. Martins (1996), an MFA from Chelsea College of Art (2001) and Design, and an MA from the the Cultural Studies Department at Goldsmiths (2005).

In 2009 she opened the Dirty Square Gallery on Rivington Street in London. There she successfully curated a series of exhibitions featuring the work of artists who actively engage with critical theory, and site specific work. The culmination of the DSG exhibition series was a large group show at the Woodmill in London entitled parallax – an exhibition where “the poignancy of great art is dependant on the one thing an artist does not have immediate access to, nor the patience for: a multitude of vantage points over an extended period of time”. – SKM

She is also a collector of art and a prolific writer and curator. Koons-Manet is currently in the process of publishing a book on the Dirty Square Gallery.













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