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ACTING, PAINTING, TESTING RYB, 2009, Holly Stevenson & Sunshine Frère

SHIBBOLETH RYB, 2010, Holly Stevenson & Sunshine Frère

VHS: video holly sunshine, records a year of intense discussion involving the nature of the primary colours.  

Red, yellow and blue, prior to Pop, was the palette reserved for intellectual debate, or youthful expression, more recently it has simply been employed as the font of bonheur in a wide range of capitalistic ventures. The tangential shifts and swerves away from what could have plausibly been a humorless dialogue took us back and forth across Modernist territory in search of a notional or rather a filmic plasticism with which to question the subjective ability of the primary palette. As a result the dialogue in the in all of the experimental films is devoid of speech, instead colour and subject become intertwined visually and acoustically.


Some analog photo documentation of works from the 2010 VHS exhibition.


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