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Vestigial Organ

Stagnant decay. Uselessness has ‘immortal’ qualities… lean in closer, touch and enjoy the toxicity, accumulation and painfully slow decomposition…in a dark abandoned space lie the leftovers, the remains and the discarded.

A synthetic entity with no other purpose than to relish in, perpetuate and feed upon multiple forms of decay, the Vestigial organ is slowly taking over, its tangle of wires proliferating in all directions. Nature played no part in its creation; it was cultivated from synthetic relics of waste and excess and in a use-once-and-throw-away world. It is part of a corroded and festering generation of entities; a ‘left-for-dead’ genus species avenging its own planned obsolescence like a plaque on its creators. A magnificent blood red oracular bract grows and ebbs in time with its cyclical, persistent, hypnagogic breathing, it is alive, its circuitry extending outwards in a chaotic race to infest and spread its oozy current. Miniature pools of seemingly stagnant glop have formed in between the mesh of wiry veins and its thick black sheath. The Vestigial Organ is proliferating, seeping, bubbling and stirring….

DPSCamera_0038An interactive sound sculpture installation where participants could play with the elusive guts of the sculpture and it would react making different sounds.

Listen to the installation sounds below:

 Image Courtesy of Pete Cranston   Photo Courtesy of Pete Cranston   Photo Courtesy of Pete Cranston






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